10-minute workout every day to lose extra kilos

10-minute workout every day to lose extra kilos

Bored with long workout plans? Can’t step out of home? Do you hate hitting the gym or are you short on time? Get ready to sweat your calories out with a short, intense workout plan. Numerous studies have shown that a quick, intense workout is better than a longer, moderate exercise in losing weight. Here are 10 intense workouts to fit your daily routine. Each exercise can be performed twice for 30 sec with a 10-sec gap in between.


Keep your feet together and arms by your sides. Jump with your feet apart and hands overhead. Return to start position and repeat. This works as a warm-up and on large muscles of the body.


Lie facing the ground with your body kept straight. With your arms, raise and lower your body. This strengthens triceps, shoulders, back, and chest.


Lie on your back with knees bent to a mountain and arms stretched forward. Lift your body off the floor without moving the lower body. Hold the position and slowly return. This work wonders for the belly and abdominal fat.


With toes and forearm carrying your body weight, lie on the floor facing down. Hold this position for as long as possible. It strengthens the shoulders, abdomen, and back.


Stand straight with hands on your hips and take a step forward with the right leg and lower your body without your knee touching the ground. Make sure that your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Return to the standing position and repeat the other leg. This exercise works on abdominal and leg muscles.


Stand with feet and shoulders wide apart. Move into a squat position with hands on the ground and kick your feet backward to do a quick pushup. Then quickly jump up and repeat. This is a good full body intense exercise.


Lie on your back with your hands behind your ears. Raise your knee and close your right elbow towards your left knee. Next, close your left elbow towards your right knee and repeat. Abdominal, shoulder, and leg muscles are strengthened with this exercise.


Start with a pushup position, with toes and hands carrying your weight. Bend your left knee towards your chest and keep the right leg straight. Then quickly swap from one leg to other keeping your back straight. This works on multiple muscle groups.


With arms stretched forward, lower your body, focusing on hips, to make thighs parallel to the floor and knees in the direction of your toes. Raise your body to stand up and repeat. This is a great way to sculpt your buttocks and lower body.


Run in a fixed position with the upper body upright while pulling the knee as high as possible with each step. Repeat at a quick pace. This works on the lower body.

Bid adieu to your extra calories with these heart-pumping, sweaty intense workouts with 10 minutes at your disposal every day. Initially, these may seem a bit hard on the body but a consistent, extra effort goes a long way in building your body fit. Combined with the right diet, you will see great results in no time.