Tips to control your portion size

Tips to control your portion size

We have always been told that it is alright to consume most foods we want as long as we consume them in ‘moderation’. Even when we are dieting, our cravings are alright to indulge in as long as we have them in moderation. 

If moderation really is the key then how do we know how to keep a portion check, how much of what to eat, and how to prevent overeating?! Here’s how:


  • Start your meals with a glass of water

Our body often gets confused between hunger and thirst. This is why it is important to stay well hydrated to avoid overeating. Drinking a glass of water half an hour before a major meal has shown to increase weight loss by upto 10%


  • Use smaller cutlery

When we use smaller cutlery we are ensuring that we don’t serve more than what we intend to eat. We have a subconscious of serving enough to fill most of the plate. If we use smaller plates for instance then we will automatically reduce the amount of food on our plate. 


  • Eat slowly and mindfully

When we snack on foods with our eyes glued to the screen, we obviously indulge in more food than required because we are not paying attention to it. This is why it is essential to eat food slowly and mindfully: savouring the taste, enjoying the smell, the appearance and the texture. 


  • Identify calorie dense and low calorie foods

While calorie dense foods may not necessarily be unhealthy, it is advised to consume low calorie foods so that you can accommodate more food into your diet, feel fuller and prevent overeating.


  • Use a ‘plan my plate’ system to eat the correct amount of food.

  • Check the serving sizes on the container of food before indulging in it

Whenever we eat packaged food, we rarely pay attention to the recommended serving size written on the packet. This serving size has been calculated by the manufacturers keeping in mind the number of calories, fats and sugars each portion will contain. This is why we should also be wary of it and follow it. 


  • Avoid eating straight from the packet/container

The reason for this is the same as earlier. If we eat food straight from the packet or container then we will not be able to eat under the indicated recommended serving size.


  • Re-serve but don’t overeat

Whenever you are eating out, serve yourself less food first because it is better to go for a second serving than end up overeating.