5 Effective Ways To Stay Healthy During Christmas Vacation

5 Effective Ways To Stay Healthy During Christmas Vacation

As the festive season draws in, it is hard maintaining healthy eating habits and workout routine. During Christmas vacation, you tend to fall off your fitness wagon with scrumptious treats.

You can still get through the holiday season without too much repercussion on your health and waistline. Try these 5 helpful ways to stay in good shape during the holidays without missing on all the festive fun.

  • Choose Your Food Wisely

With so much food and drinks in your sight, it can be irresistible to stuff yourself. To avoid overeating, have a snack an hour before. Usually, when you are hungry you are likely to make poor food choices. So, eating a snack beforehand will help you be smarter with your food preferences. 

For the dessert, go for only one or two items you really would enjoy instead of trying each and every option available on the menu.


  • Keep Moving Anyway

As the days turn gloomier and colder, it can be hard to feel motivated to exercise.  Moreover, during the festive season letting go your workout routine is quite typical.

Yet, staying active somehow is always a better plan to prevent weight gain. If you don’t feel like hitting the gym, you can simply go for a walk after a big Christmas lunch or try yoga. Get your exercise time, no matter how small and keep off those extra pounds. 

  • Mind your alcohol intake

It’s okay if you enjoy a drink or two, but be careful of how much you consume. Remember, alcohol contains empty calories and has no nutritional value. 

Excessive alcohol drinking can lead to heart complications and weight gain. So decide on your alcohol limit before you attend any gathering. An easy alternative to any alcoholic drink is a glass of water. 

  • Munch on a good breakfast 

After enjoying heavy calorie meals throughout the get-together, have a nutrient-dense breakfast. You can go for egg omelette with nourishing veggies or fruit smoothie. This will help you combat the less favourable “holidays” impact like extra nuggets or spare candies.

It will improve your immunity as well as digestion. Also, it will control your appetite throughout the day and control your blood sugar levels. 

  • Live in the moment

Though it is necessary to eat healthy and exercise even though it’s Christmas vacation, “everything in moderation” always works wonders. Make a deal with yourself that if you want pizza slice, burger or pastry another time, you can have it. 

When you don’t escape the holiday feast and recognize you can have it any time, you make suitable food choices. 

These ways will help you cope up with the overindulgence and late nights that are an unavoidable yet exciting part of the festive season. Ensure to take time to enjoy yourself during the holidays and relish the time you have with friends and family.

The more consistent you are with healthy habits, the better you will feel now and when the holidays are over. Have a happy, healthy holiday season!