7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthier Next Year

7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthier Next Year

Usually, we look for opportunities to clean the slate and start over. For many of us, a new year is one such opportunity.  However often we end up choosing health and fitness resolutions that are highly limiting and unmaintainable. 

But if you take baby steps towards your health and fitness resolutions, you will actually be able to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

Below we give 7 tips on how to make next year health-giving and nourishing:


Start Off with Realistic Goals 

Opting for a wholesome diet immensely benefits your weight loss journey but you must set realistic and manageable expectations. For instance, if you compel yourself to lose weight rapidly, you won’t have healthier weight loss. 

With an achievable goal, you will never be discouraged, in fact, you might lose more kilos than expected. 


Switch Off Your Screens for Atleast Few Hours

In 2020, we found ourselves in a work-from-home situation. Our work requires us to stay in front of the screen for most of the day. Thus, limiting screen time can seem difficult. 

Still, there are ways to control your technology exposure. Stay away from social media during working hours to help you keep a better work-life balance. Schedule some time aside daily and do something you enjoy offscreen like taking a walk, reading physical books or experimenting in the kitchen. 

With better focus, you will lower your chances of having to work behind schedule. 


Commit to a Physical Activity That You Enjoy

Very often, we tend to start our new year’s resolution strong, yet they don’t last long. But this year you can stick to your health goals till the end. Stick to a simple exercise resolution with which you can start, for example, a half-hour walk, jog, or bike ride before work, or playing any sport.

Set a manageable goal, like doing yoga for a few specific days per week rather than every day. What’s important is finding a suitable routine and then sticking to it.


Catch on To More ‘Me Time’

Taking time for yourself is a must for optimal wellbeing. With work-from-home circumstances, we hardly have time to engage in self-care and connect with ourselves.

Selfcare routine does not necessarily have to be complicated or tedious. You can attend your weekly yoga class, prepare a healthy meal for yourself, or simply get an extra hour of sleep. 

Avoid Negative Body Talk

Feeling negative about our body, sometimes, is okay. But when you constantly express negativity about your body influences feelings of body shame. In the coming year, make a resolution to connect with your body and express positivity. 

This would help you enhance your relationship with your body. The more you reframe your thoughts, the better your focus would be on your uniqueness and strengths.


Pay Attention to Your Teeth

Looking after your oral health is as important as your other health resolutions. Regular brushing and flossing your teeth help prevent bad breath and oral cavities. 

Also, you should have a check-up and cleaning done at least once in 6 months.

Before You Shop, Eat

Empty stomach shopping can be ruinous if you are planning to get healthy. When you go shopping empty stomach, you tend to buy high-calorie snacks.

Rather when you are full, you can easily avoid unhealthy spending impulse. Besides you can save some money. If you have a grocery list with you, this approach can work in a better way. 

Sticking to new habits and improving your lifestyle can be tough. Healthy resolutions can help you to improve your physical and emotional health. Having a better relationship with your body and mind can significantly enhance your wellbeing in many ways. 

We, at Nucros, are here to help you commit to your health goals in line with your new year resolutions. It is our priority to help you become the best version of yourselves.