5 Breastfeeding Myths You Need To Ignore

5 Breastfeeding Myths You Need To Ignore

Breastfeeding phase is crucial for your baby as well as you! Breastfeeding is a comprehensive way to care for your child. Babies not only breastfeed when hungry but also to relieve teething pain and to get sound sleep, feel comforted and develop attachment.

Additionally, your baby should get colostrum, the first form of milk a mother develops that is highly nutritious and boosts your baby’s immunity. At the same time, there is plenty of ill-advised information out there about breastfeeding. Some are true, but several are not. 

So, let’s dive into 5 common myths and its surprising facts.

Myth: Your Baby Should Be Stopped Breastfeeding by First Birthday

Fact: It is recommended that a baby should be breastfed for the first six months as it is the only source of nutrition for the baby. However, weaning breastfeeding is totally up to the parents. 

Post-six months, you can begin feeding other foods like mashed potatoes or apple puree while continuing to breastfeed your baby. But you don’t have to be embarrassed if you want to go beyond your baby’s first birthday.

Myth: Formula Is Similar as Breastmilk

Fact: Formula is a healthy substitute containing sugars, proteins, fats and vitamins that are usually found in breast milk. However, formula lacks antibodies and complexity of breast milk. The antibodies in breast milk are distinctive and cannot be artificially made in a lab. 

Antibodies in breast milk enhance the immunity of your baby. Also, breast milk has a complex structure which alters as your baby’s needs change. 

Myth: It Prevents Bonding Between Father and Baby

Fact: It is the common belief that during the breastfeeding phase, your partner or husband won’t be able to form a similar intense bond with your baby. However, that’s not true, there are many ways to ensure a similar strong bond with other family members. 

For example, you can include your partner when you are nursing. They can sit with the baby and talk with the baby throughout the nursing process. Similarly, you can make a routine where your spouse and baby can bond together like changing a diaper or bath time. 

Myth: You Need to Toughen Nipples for Breastfeeding.

Fact: Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts naturally undergo changes that prepare them for breastfeeding. Even before your baby’s birth, the area around your nipples thicken and the glands in your areolas produce oils for lubrication and protection.

After your baby arrives and you begin breastfeeding, a spike in the hormone oxytocin makes your nipples more flexible and stretchy for your baby’s mouth. 

Myth: You Can’t Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Fact: When you are breastfeeding there’s a delay in your ovulation phase. But this differs from mother to mother and is quite unpredictable. Generally, most females start their cycle, once again, after one month of your delivery. 

Yet, some women don’t have their cycle even after a year of their childbirth. So, yes, sometimes, it can prevent you from getting pregnant but it is not recommended to rely only on this method. 

Breastfeeding can be demanding during the early weeks. But if you work on it, this process can be intuitive making parenting a lot easier. During this process, every other person will have advice for you which might sound helpful. 

So, before you follow any of the advice or opinion, make sure you distinguish between fiction and fact.

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