6 Important Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight On Keto

6 Important Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight On Keto


Keto diet is a highly popularized weight loss plan. The main aim of this diet is increasing your fat intake and reducing your carbohydrate intake so that your body adapts the ketosis stage and uses fat as its primary fuel for energy. 

But what if you don’t see your scale budge, despite your best efforts? It can be disappointing. Even if you are following all the keto guidelines, it might be possible that you may not be losing weight as expected due to several reasons. 

Here we shed light on 6 possible reasons you are not losing weight on the keto diet.

Your Carb Intake Is More

In keto diet, you need to consume very few carbohydrates. This pushes your body to use fat as its primary fuel source. This metabolic state is called ketosis. However to reach the ketosis state, you must decrease your carbohydrate intake to a certain range. 

To maintain this intake, you can easily track your daily consumption of carbohydrates by using an app or manually because it can be tough to cut down your carbohydrate intake without keeping a thorough record.

You Have Not Achieved Ketosis

The primary goal of a keto diet is to reach ketosis state. Thus, to reach this metabolic state, you need to keep your macronutrient intake in check. Eating too much protein or carbohydrates will not help you reach ketosis.

You can check whether you have achieved ketosis or not by two common ways where you test for ketones in your body. You can use urine keto strips or blood keto strips. They are easy to use and efficient. 

You Are Losing Fat 

Initially in your diet, your weighing scale works in your favour which is mostly water weight. But gradually the rate of losing weight might slow down. Especially if you start lifting weights or building muscles, you might be gaining muscle weight. 

Losing weight is different from losing fat. Thus, your weight might stay the same. To check if you are losing body fat, you can take waist and hip circumferences every two weeks. In this way, you can easily track your progress.

You Are Not Eating Enough

When you lower your caloric intake, your body goes in the starvation mode. Thus, your metabolism slows down and can hamper your weight loss efforts. Moreover, when you start doing the keto diet, ketones might bring down your hunger for a few weeks. 

Hence, you must have high-quality foods in the right proportions. Focus on achieving your macronutrient requirements i.e. high fat, low carb and moderate protein. 

You Are Eating Excessively

One of the main benefits of a keto diet is your appetite is reduced, thus, your caloric intake decreases without trying. If you want to lose weight you need to be attentive about what you consume. If you are eating more calories than you burn, you might not get great weight loss results on the keto diet. 

The keto-friendly foods are high in fat as well as calories so you need to be careful about your intake. Focus on your portion size, enhance your physical activity level and reduce snacks’ intake in between your meals.

Your Physical Activity Level Is Insufficient

Apart from weight loss, exercise reduces your risk of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, depression and so on. Physical activity burns calories and builds muscles which can boost your metabolism, 

Plan your exercise schedule for 3-4 days a week. Pick a time that’s most suitable for your schedule and make sure you are consistent. 


These are the common mistakes that can sabotage your weight loss journey. It is important to execute a keto diet correctly and to ultimately gain the benefits of a keto diet. To boost your weight loss on a ketogenic diet, get adequate sleep, manage stress, exercise regularly and consume whole, nourishing, low-carb foods whenever possible.

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