5 Healthy habits to add to your daily routine

Good health is not something you can get overnight; it takes time, it takes patience and it takes good long-term habits. We have so often been told of things to do in order to stay healthy but we may find them difficult to implement in real life. Here are 5 healthy habits which you must definitely add to your daily routine in order to stay healthy overall!


  • Stay hydrated: The importance of drinking enough water is already well established. While we may make efforts to drink up to 8 glasses of water in a day, we should also be including water-rich fruits and vegetables in the diet. Drinking too much caffeine also leaves us dehydrated and you must have 4 cups of water for every cup of tea/coffee you have. 

  • Get enough sleep: Spend 10 to 15 minutes deep breathing before sleeping, it will help reduce cortisol levels and allow you a hearty sleep. A night of good sleep allows your body enough metabolic rest for it to function well the next day. 

  • Eat the rainbow: We may find it difficult to keep track of a balanced diet. An easy way to ensure that you’re getting all essential vitamins and minerals is by eating naturally coloured fruits and vegetables of all colours. They are each rich in unique pigments that are needed for your body to function well.

  • Get some sun: About 80% of Indians are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also needed by our body for the proper functioning of Calcium. In a tropical country like India, where there is an abundance of sunlight, expose your skin to at least 30 mins of sunlight, 3 times a week.

  • Exercise 30 minutes: Experts recommended at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise in a week. Simply adding 30 minutes of exercise in a day helps you achieve this target easily. Alternate between cardio and strength training to help you achieve the best results.  

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